Perkiö Ltd

In 1965 Väinö Perkiö founded the representative company V.Perkiö along with his wife Sisko Perkiö. The representative company took care of brand marketing, sales, logistics and storage for the companies it represented. In 2005 Janne Perkiö started as the CEO and main owner after a generational translation, to continue the business his parents had started over 50 years before.

Today we are an independent family business, Perkiö Ltd. We want to offer a selection of high-quality products to fill shelves in stores around the country. At the same time, we help local artisans in getting their products nationwide and help high-quality local produce reach consumers around Finland.

Our main products are sweet bakery products, cake toppings and decorations, outdoor bird feeding products and seasonal treats. Our cooperation partners include both small unique Finnish bakeries and large European factories. We select only the best products of the highest quality, but with affordable and reasonable prices to the consumer.

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